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  • Spacer Sleeves TOOL  (Puller and Drive-in Mandrel)

Spacer Sleeves TOOL (Puller and Drive-in Mandrel)

Model : AET-00541


Spacer Sleeves TOOL 
(Puller and Drive-in Mandrel)

-When replacing steering column switches, it is necessary to firstly remove the steering wheel and then to extract the
  spacer sleeve from the cone.

-The special design of the puller ensures that its collet chuck precisely encompasses the spacer sleeve which enables
 quick and smooth extraction of the spacer sleeve.

Technical Data:

-Clamping range: 27 - 30 mm
-Drive-in Mandrel for Spacer Sleeves:
-The drive-in mandrel made of brass allows the spacer sleeve to be pushed into the steering column without risk of

-Suitable for vehicle models as from 1988 onwards such as VW Golf (II and III), Jetta, Vento, Polo, Passat, etc.