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  • Locking Screw Set

Locking Screw Set

Model : AET-00537


Locking Screw Set

- With conical tip for middle positioning of the steering while adjusting the steering geometry.
- Size:M8 ×1.0, M10×1.5, M12×1.5, Suitable for Mercedes W107, W114, W115, W116, W123, W126.
- Move the steering rack until Pos. 1 and Pos. 2 are level.
-Then, screw in the locking screw. 
- The rack is now in the centre position so that it is possible to carry out the track basic adjustment of the right-hand and 
   left-hand steering rod.

- Size M8×1.25, Suitable for Audi A4, A6, VW Passat from 1997 onwards etc.G94