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  • 1100W Electric Beveler

1100W Electric Beveler

Model : SEEB1100W-002

1100W Electric Beveler

● AC induction motor which offers even cutting speed, longer durability, lower noise and excellent torque characteristics. 
● The milling angle is adjustable progressively from 0° to 60° with a maximum land width of 23 mm. 
● With a weight only 19.3 kg, its very handy, compact and robust design allows for easy handling and convenient  operation. 
● This extremely versatile beveler is able to bevel pipes, perform facing off and a variety of bevels from zero to 60 deg.
● The special convertable table plate can switch between plate beveling and pipe beveling just by repositioning the guide rollers. 
● The pipe beveling position is adjustable to allow a range of pipe sizes from 150 to 350mm. 
● And if larger sizes are required, the optional table plate allows pipes 300 to 600mm. 

1100W Electric Beveler


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