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Petrol & Diesel Engine Compression and Leakage Test Kit

Model : AET-00132

Petrol & Diesel Engine Compression and Leakage Test Kit

- This petrol & diesel engine compression and cylinder leakage test kits that cover the wide range of modern engines; including Hdi; TDCi and Pumpe Duse.
- Included clamp-on injector adaptors; 0-50 Bar (700PSI) gauge with rubber bumper; staright and right angled quick connect fitting and an extensive range of glow plug and injector adaptors enable this kit to cover the vast majority of car; van; truck; and bus; agricultural and marine diesel engines.
- Additional pressure gauge for references on incoming pressure during the operation (0-7bar).
- Glow Plug Adaptors: Wide range of Alfa; BMW; Chrusler; Daewoo; Fait; Ford; Hyuidi; Izusu; Land Rover; LDV; Mazda; Mercedes; Mitsubishi; Nissan; Opel; PSA; Renault; Saab; Suzuki; Toyota; VAG; Vauxhall; Volvo diesel engines.
- Spark plug size : 10; 12; 14; 18mm.
- Injector: M20; M22; M24 & Ford Stanadyne injector plus clamp-on injector.