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Deluxe Cylinder Leak Detector Tester Set

Model : AET-00128

Deluxe Cylinder Leak Detector Tester Set

- Kit allows easy identification of compression problems
- Detector measures exact leakage amount and locates leaks area
- To inspect the capacity of cylinder leakage; capacity 0-7 bar;
while the cylinder system pressurize it must reach 7 bar.
- M10×1.0 Adaptor
- M12×1.25 Adaptor
- M14×1.25 Adaptor
- M14×1.25 Extra Long Adaptor
- Compression Test Adaptor 1 - dsigned for 12mm spark plug.
This Adaptor Suitable for following vehicles:
BMW 335I E90; 2006 model;  N54 engines
BMW Mini Cooper
Mercedes Benz M156 (AMG model manufcatured from 2006 and onwards)
Peugeot 207; 307
Renault 1.2 16 Valve
- Compression Test Adaptor 2 - 14mm spark plug specailly use on V6 and 16 Valve engines with deep seated spark plug port.
- 25" rubber hose with Adaptor fit 14 and 18mm spark plug hole.
- 15" rubber hose this hose is also suitable to other range of diesel engine testing set from our company.