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Heavy Duty Slide Hammer Injector Remover Kit

Model : AET-00089

Heavy Duty Slide Hammer Injector Remover Kit

- Specially designed  for the removal of stubborn diesel
Injectors. Features injector cap removal socket;security hex key for removing the inner part of the injector and a puller to remove the injector without damaging the cam cover.
- Set includes: 4.8kg Slide Hammer (1pc); M18 x 1.5 Universal joint(1pc); Special hex bit insert 1/2"drive 10mm with bore ø7.5mm(1pc) & 10mm with Bore ø6.5mm(1pc);Injector disassembly
- Adapter(6pc) M14x1.5/ M16x1.0/ M17x1.0/ M20x1.0/ M25x1.0
/ M27x1.0;Socket 1/2¨x100mm(4pc) SW25/SW27/SW29/SW30
Adapters Applications
M14x1.5 : MB CDI; Ford TDCI;KIA;BMW M47
M16x1.0 :  Toyota 2.2 Diesel engines
M17x1.0 :  MB Bosch
M20x1.0 :  Denso
M25x1.0 :  Siemens
M27x1.0 : Siemens
M18x1.5-360°Swivelling :  Universal
Slide hammer 4.8kg : Universal
SW25 :  BOSCH Universal
SW27 :  BOSCH New generation
SW29 : Siemens; PSA; Ford; Toyota
SW30 :  BOSCH Universal