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Hydraulic Cylinder 17 t

Model : AET-00034

Hydraulic Cylinder 17T

- With shoulder nut M16x1.5
- Enables controlled; professional and safe extraction of very tight-fitting injection nozzles in conjunction with a special pull spindle; a Injector Nozzle Puller with extraction bridge and a Hydraulic-Pump with manometer.
- The Hydraulic-Cylinder with shoulder nut together with a special pull spindle is placed onto the extraction bridge instead of a mechanical drive. The special manometer of the Hydraulic Pumps or ensures that the applied force can be checked during the extraction process.

Maximum allowed force: 170 KN (17t)
Maximum stroke: 15 mm↑↓
Hydraulic oil connection: 3/8“-18  PT
Transmission bore in tubular piston: Ø16.5 mm
Cylinder overall height; piston retracted 89 mm
Cylinder overall height; piston extended 104 mm
Cylinder-Ø (outer) 79 mm

- 2PCS Pull Spindle M14*1.5(240;315 mm)
- 2PCS Pull Spindle M17*1(240;315 mm)
- 1PC Pull Spindle M18*1.5(315mm)
- 1PC Pull Spindle M25*1(240mm)
- 1PC Distance ring
- 1PC Tooth Cap Nut  M16
- 1PC Bush