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Multi-Function Socket Set

Model : ACT-00001

Multi-Function Socket Set

For use with hydraulic; A/C and plumbing fittings;
tie-rod ends; O2 sensors and diesel injectors.
For hard to reach fasteners where an
open end wrench will not work.

- Sockets fit both Metric and SAE.
- Great for damaged or worn nuts.
- Closed ring socket for seized track rod locking nuts.
- Square drive can be used with torque wrench
or breaker bar for precise tightening.
- Closed socket ensures a tight grip;
it will not spread open to release nut.
- ACT-00001-FT-536A Size:
3/8"DR- (7/16".1/2".9/16".5/8")
- ACT-00001-FT-536B Size:
- ACT-00001-FT-536C Size:
- ACT-00001-FT-536D Size:
- ACT-00001-FT-536E Size: