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6PCS Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set

Model : ABT-8800

6PCS Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set

Extra heavy duty long punch and chisel set with impact resistant; moulded tang-thru handles which give a positive and comfortable grip. Made from 6140 heat treated chrome alloy steel.
- ABT-8800A  3/16" Long Taper Punch
- ABT-8800B  3/32" Diamond Point Chisel
- ABT-8800C  3/8" Long Cold Chisel
- ABT-8800D  1-3/16" Long Cold Chisel
- ABT-8800E   2" Long Cold Chisel
- ABT-8800F   3-1/16" Long Cold Chisel
- Supplied in blow mold case.

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