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Special Vibro Chisel Set

Model : ABT-5007/ABT-5007A

Special Vibro Chisel Set

- Using the special vibrochisel set turns every commercially available compressed air chipping hammer to an ideal problem solver for opening rusted screw connections and for loosening components.
- The screw loosener chisel attachment loosens screws with
different profile effectively and carefully.
- The strong vibrations of the compressed air chipping hammer are transferred direct to the screw connection whereas a rotating motion is applied using acommercially available wrench at the same time.
- The hammer mandrel attachment is an amazing support with each extractor procedure (e.g. ball joint pivots).
- Furthermore; the set includes a pressure plate adapter for driving out bearings/sleeves/bushes;etc..

- Loosening without causing damage - The screw does not tear/break.
- Time consuming and annoying drilling is no longer required
- Vibration have a strong rust removing effect.
- Moreover; vibrations ensure for a deep penetration of rust removers.
- Material protecting and effective knocking out and driving out
- Brilliant enhancement for every compressed air chipping hammer.

- Use only in conjunction with a compressed air chipping hammer is optional!
- Chisel with 10 mm round shaft universal mount suitable for commercially available hexagonal and round machine mounts.

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