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Pull Rod Kit

Model : ABT-12-K107

Pull Rod Kit
Use this kit for quick repair of dents and creases from outside the vehicle. Pull rods eliminate time consuming removal and replacement of headliners; upholstery; inner panels; etc.
․4 pull rods(formed shank)
․2 pick pulls(straight shank)
․1 stainless steel straight edge
․1 drill bit
․Pull at a right angle to the sheet metal surface when using pull tool.
․Use two or more pull rods together in adjacent holes to share the pulling load.
․Use the pick pull when damaged area consists of more than one layer of sheet metal.
․Separate sub-layer from surface layer with a pick pull.
․Do not pull damaged area out beyond original body panel profile.
․Check often using straight edge.

Packing: 1set/ slide on card 6/Inner
24/CTN/N.W. 12 KG /G.W.13KG/2’

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