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  • Pneumatic Puller

Pneumatic Puller

Model : ABT-112

Pneumatic Puller

- Idea for repair the vehicle
   body small damage.
- Provide with pneumatic operation
   for easy to use.
- Design the pressure & flow control valve
  for safety operation.
- Stainless steel with PVC protect for high quality
  & long life.
- Pneumatic cylinder front design a small leak of
  pressure for hotmelt can be cooled &
  make cylinder spindle reverse stable.
- Air inlet:1/4"
- Opeating pressure: 3-10bar (0.3~1MPa) (40~145Psi)

Standard Accessories
- 10PCS Glue pads  / 1PC Extension Adapter.
  Extension adapter10PCS Plastic connector