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11PCS Fixing clamp set

Model : ABT-00004

11PCS Fixing clamp set

- For a clamping range of 0-5mm
- Instructions for use
- Instead of grip or clamp pliers;use the fixing clamp to fix metal sheets.Put the fixing clamp into the special pliers and open them.Slide the opened fixing clamp over the metal sheets.Finally release the load abd remove the pliers from the metal sheets.You can remove the fixing clamp in the opposite way.
- Quick installation and removal of the clamps.
- Wide clamping range at small dimensions.
- Easy to readjust the metal sheets.
- Low-price alternative instead of grip pliers.
- The small dimension(like a door sealing)allows to adjust different gaps easily.
- Application also for hardly accessible places.
- Material:Cr-Mo steel   Chrome plated Finish
- Packing:BMC
- 20sets/14/15/1’

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