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Double Action Air Brush Kit

Model : AB130BS-AB131BS


Double Action Air Brush Kit

Double-action trigger Air-Paint control; internal mix. Precision ultra-fine needle and nozzle; suitable for art work; design painting. Working Pressure: 15-30 PSI


1-Air brush

1-Jar adaptor

1-Brushed hose

3-Jar (22 C.C x 2; 50 C.C.)

1-Paint cup (5 C.C.)


2-Needles (0.5 mm; 0.7 mm)

2-Nozzles (0.5 mm; 0.7 mm)

Packings: 20 Sets/ Ctn/ 13.5 Kgs/ 14.5 Kgs/3'

This picture is for reference; the actual contents depend on the items.