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14"(355mm) Concrete Saw

Model : SECS2800W-001

14"(355mm) Concrete Saw

● Hand-held saw for concrete, masonry and stone. 
● The 2800W motor offers plenty of power for fast cutting performance and has full electronic overload and thermal protection. 
● The balanced, chainsaw style handles allow maximum control and ideal visibility of the cut. 
● The detachable guide rollers make it easy to keep the blade perfectly square to the cut. 
● The integrated water feed system allows fine tuning of the water supply. 
● For water containment there is a unique brush at the rear of the blade guard which is quick-removable for easy cleaning.  
● It is designed for wet cutting, but is also perfectly suitable for dry cutting. 
● There is a vacuum port which can be used either for wet slurry collection or for dry dust collection. 
● Magnesium alloy is used for the blade guard, gearplate and gearcase for maximum strength and minimal weight. 
● The blade guard includes locking tool-free adjustment. 
● Truly a versatile and powerful concrete saw for a wide range of applications. 

14"(355mm) Concrete Saw